CEO’s Quarterly Message

CEO’s Quarterly Message

Dr Stephen Ghanie-Chief Executive Officer (2)

CEO’s Quarterly Message

Dear Colleagues

This long weekend, as we take time to rest, or even travel to our respective home village, let us take a moment to remember the significance of theses holidays.

In 1870, three DIKGOSI (Khama III, Sebele I and Bathoeng I) made representation to the British Government regarding the treat of their territory’s annexation by the Dutch and German settlers. With the earnest support of some local British organisations and individuals, the lobby for protection succeeded in 1885, resulting in the Botswana Protectorate.

52 years later, the newly freed and developed country witnessed the birth of the country’s first medicines regulatory, The Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority and the rest is history. This has been the pinnacle of our Nation, of the Authority and more importantly, this has been

Since independence, Botswana has maintained a thriving democracy, clean government, an up-right judiciary, peace, good health and stability, and a well managed economy. Sir. Ketumile Masire served as Botswana’s second president, taking over from the late Sir. Seretse Khama in July 1980 and continuing a tradition of good governance. He voluntarily retired from office in 1998, and was succeeded by Sir. Festus Mogae. Mr Mogae finished his second term in 2008handing over power to Sir. Ian Khama and would then hand over to the current president Sir. Mokgweetsi Masisi.

As you enjoy your break, let us also reflect on the heritage and the culture our fore fathers have built for us as a Nation

Best Regards


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